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Giving back - I just spent the week at a disabled veterans event helping an assigned participant do various sporting activities with golf being the main one. Felt good getting a new perspective on life and helping others.

Guess what I'm saying is give a little and you get a lot in return. Step...

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Read this, research that, bookmark the other thing. To keep up with education and latest news can be overwhelming to say the least. I find more things to read each day than I can read so there for my browser reading list, my Apple Books and pod casts grow not shrink. How to keep up? The answer, ...

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Change - it's hard to step out of our self-imposed "box". Taking a new job, a new workout routine, a new health regimen. That said, the benefit of recharging your brain with a new process can be refreshing and give you that spring in your step.

CASHFLOW - note the all caps. Every business undertaking has to have it. Uncapitalized startups are at risk of failure because they cannot carry any downturn. Operating Companies without some backup (LOC or reserve cash) are in the same situation. So please be sure when building projections and...

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Each day brings the beginning of the rest of your life - how cliche. BUT, its the truth, you shed the past forge a new path. Mistakes from yesterday are just that, yesterday’s mistakes. So, clean up your messes by righting the ship so-to-speak. Focus on right actions today. To that end, lets star...

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Last night my TV gave out after 5 years of faithful service. My large, beautiful TV that sapped hours of my life. First panic and planning for a new one, then it hit me - why. I’ve got 2 iPads, a laptop, my phone and a large monitor if I want a show. But more importantly, see what happens without...

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When things get challenging the only way out is through it. Adjust your mindset and get hardcore with yourself about what needs to change. Leave no stone unturned, change your mentality to one of delayed gratification and as they said in The Godfather - go to the mattresses.
It will get better s...

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Opportunity is around every corner - no telling when or where it will present itself so just be open to it. They take many shapes and sizes but they are always there if you keep your mind flexible. For me, when things seem on the downside I relax, drive forward and it works out. That said, dont j...

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Slow your roll - I realized today that I was getting “lost” paying attention to work and forgetting all the activities that charge my battery so I went for a hike. It reminded me that its important to take breaks, even little ones. Now, being a checklist person I immediately setup a task list in...

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a year ago
Nothing but goods things to say!!! Helped me so much with paperwork and answered my questions I was just clueless on!!! Can’t thank you enough!!
- Cory C
a year ago
- Bumlife M
a year ago
- katie m

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